Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shopping basket: foods for energy

Foods for energy: transforming digestion into energy. In this list, some foods act directly on the stomach to make it more efficient. Others strengthen the constitution.

Aromatics, such as herbs and some fish (smelly) "awaken" the digestion. Warmers, such as spices "kick start" the organism. There are no extremes of hot or cold foods which are not helpful with this condition.
Corn, oats, rice, barley, wheat germ breads - energize the stomach
Sweet potato, pumpkin, squash and carrots - make digestive system stronger
Cherries, figs, dates, grapes - body tonics
Fennel, ginger, sage - aromatic gently stimulate the digestive system
Horseradish, cinnamon - warming  energise the stomach to work
Brown sugar - body tonic
Chickpeas, lentils - give energy to the stomach
Tofu - moistens the stomach and gives it energy
Almonds, peanuts - fortify the body
Pistachio, walnuts - fortify and warm the body
Herrings - fortify and detox
Mackerel, salmon, sturgeon - fortify the body
Shell fish - deeply strengthen the constitution
Ham, pheasant, turkey - strengthen the stomach
Beef, chicken - moisten strengthen the constitution
Licorice, ginseng tea - moisten strengthen the constitution
Notes: use this diet when you feel under the weather, add other diet sheets if necessary if the condition is mixed i.e you also feel cold, or loose hair etc.
This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions - continue to use recommended therapy

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