Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shopping basket: softening foods

Foods that soften hard lumps


Aromatic teas, hot spices to stimulate the digestive system, drain excess water and soften lumps and hard skin
Fruit peels - citrus - citrus peel added to teas or cooking helps the digestion to break down and separate food
Shellfish - works deeply on the constitution
Seaweeds - this food type "softens" hard lumps in the body (use small amounts regularly)

Black pepper, mustard - hot spices energise the digestion
Yam, plantain - control and balance the water content of the body
Onions, garlic, radishes - hot vegetables energise the digestive process
Rosemary, thyme, sage - aromatics "awaken" the body systems of digestion
Jasmine, peppermint, aniseed - perfumed teas gently stimulate

Notes: it is quite common to have odd lumps and nodules under the skin. In such case, we need to address the lumps directly, and support the body as well. Aromas, and perfumes in the food work wonders in gently stimulating the organism to function more efficiently.

This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions - continue to use recommended therapies. All unusual lumps should be checked by a doctor first. Avoid self diagnosis and medicating

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